Software Developers

Anatomy 3D Models for Software Developers

Our 3d Interactive range has been developed for use by software developers who require 3D models that perform optimally within an interactive “real-time” environments such as OpenGL and DirectX.

3D Anatomy iPad

Here are a few reasons why the Atomedge 3d Interactive range ideal for software applications:

Standardized file formats: OBJ, DAE, X

3D Models are available in game ready file formats. Individually setup and tested.

Optimized geometry

We’re very proud that our 3D Interactive range has the highest detail to polygon ratios available. This means that even with their “low-polygon” architecture there is a delicate balance between optimizing for performance without sacrificing essential details. This is because each element has been carefully re-topologized specifically for that purpose. Consultation with the medical community ensures that anatomically significant features are retained for a holistic and harmonious set of anatomical systems. Before Atomedge introduced this range, users were forced to choose between medical accuracy and technical performance. The 3DInteractive range has proven to be a game changer in this field.

Clean layout

All scene elements are clearly and logically structured and all are correctly named with the proper medical terminology. Explore the hierarchy of each model by expanding the “3D Model File Structure” on each product page. Models have been designed according to “real world” scale, and will align correctly with each other avoiding intersections.

Textures & UV’s

Each model comes with a comprehensive set of textures and non-overlapping unwrapped UV’s. Texture maps are created from high resolution photographs of real life subject matter and then laid out on 16k UV stamps. Maps can be easily scaled down in order to meet the desired file sizes needed for your application. Standard texture files include diffuse, specular and bump.


Our 3D Interactive range is available under two different licence structures.  The Standard Licence can be purchased, downloaded and used straight away for individual projects. We also have an Advanced Licence available for creation of software publications, smartphone and tablet apps intended for distribution. If you’re ineterested in learning more about these options, please have a look at our licence page, or get in touch with us with your query.