We spend a great deal of time preparing our anatomy content before publishing anything. Creating a new standard in digital anatomical resources has been our driving force since the start. For this reason we feel confident that our products will live up to the highest expectations. At the end of the day it’s really important to us that our clients see value in the products they purchase. If you feel as though we’re not living up to the high standards we claim on our website we’ll first try to resolve any issues you may have, and if still not satisfied we’ll refund your order 100%.

Here are a few of the areas we go above and beyond to guarantee:



The integrity of our work is evident in the extremely high levels of accuracy that we strive for through out the production process. We pride ourselves in the fact that we invest thousands of man hours in carefully gathering accurate data from a variety of ethical sources such as original 3D scans of human remains in order to create anatomical models that are true to real life examples. Each human body is by nature unique, and occasionally we have been advised to omit small anomalies that may occur in a particular source specimen in order to maintain a typical representation of standard human anatomy, however in these instances all “adjustments” are properly documented and included as part of the product info sheet that accompanies each model.



Additionally every single element in our anatomy collection is correctly named by it’s medical term and laid out in a structured way based on the Terminologia Anatomica.



We understand that many of our clients may not be technically proficient when it comes to working with 3D data in the form of models. While we focus heavily on the medical integrity of our work while we gather and process anatomical data, we also spend a great deal of time optimizing the refined 3D models for use within specific software environments.  There are three key areas that we cater for:

3D Models designed for Animation and Illustration Rendering

We have focused on 5 leading animation packages (Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max, Softimage, Lightwave & Cinema4D) and are able guarantee that models in this category will load and render perfectly in each of these leading programs, with all textures and shaders in place and functioning correctly. Although we also offer other generic file formats such as OBJ, we are unable to 100% guarantee their functionality as this tends to vary from program to program.

3D Models designed for real time user interaction

The models in the category have been specifically designed for real time application. While we have taken the time to ensure that polygonal meshes are optimized with small counts and textures have been compressed to lower resolutions, the functionality of these models relies heavily on the coding of the viewer or game engine that will house the data. We guarantee that the content has been optimized to take up minimum amounts of memory, but we are unable to guarantee performance in specific environments as this is out of our hands.

3D Models designed for 3D printing and CAD applications

We are one of the only companies that is able to guarantee that our solid 3D models will print correctly. The reason for this is because test every single model we sell by printing it in real life before publishing it. This can be seen in the model preview pictures. For this reason we confidently guarantee that the models we have available in this category will print correctly.