Engineers & Product Designers

Skull 3D ScanAnatomy 3D Models for Engineers & Product Designers

Our 3d Printing range has been specially designed for use by CAD engineers and products designers to provide a solid foundation for the development of custom prototypes.

Here are a few reasons why the Atomedge 3D Printing range ideal for this type of workflow:

Print-ready solid file formats: STL, VRML, OBJ, FBX

Individually setup and tested. Files open correctly and are ready to 3D print straight away.

Models have been created from high resolution 3D scans of real life subject matter which makes them ideal as reliable medical reference materials.

Clean layout

All file elements are clearly and logically structured and all are correctly named with the proper medical terminology. Explore the hierarchy of each model by expanding the “3D Model File Structure” on each product page. Models have been designed according to “real world” scale, and will align correctly with each other avoiding intersections.

Color Detail

Each model comes with a set of color textures that allow for full color 3D printing. Texture maps are created from high resolution photographs of real life subject matter and then laid out on 16k UV stamps.


Our 3D Printing range is available under two different licence structures. The Standard Licence can be purchased, downloaded and used straight away for individual projects. We also have an Advanced Licence available that caters for the creation of distributable items. If you’re ineterested in learning more about these options, please have a look at our licence page, or get in touch with us with your query.