Education is really important to us. It’s a driving force as we develop our products.

Our anatomy 3D models are used by many leading universities and colleges throughout the world. Our anatomy resources have been created using reliable and standard academic methods and are therefor suitable for use in those environments. Students and teachers often need anatomical 3D models, but do not have the time or resources to create them for their projects. Our anatomy models are an affordable and reliable way to focus on the tasks at hand – learning and innovating without having to squander time on many of the technical challenges that go along with creating 3D content. This means that medical students with a basic knowledge of 3D can spend time exploring the medical aspects of their work rather than creating and refining the foundation 3D data from scratch.

Our products have proven to be valuable resources to educational institutions from elementary level all the way up to tertiary level. We’re passionate about learning and so we’re always excited when contacted by schools, colleges and universities that are interested in incorporating our 3D models into their curricula.  If you are involved with an educational institution that may be considering purchasing 3D anatomy models for the purposes of education or research and development, please be sure to contact us in order to find out more about the special offers we have for the educational community.