The Atomedge website delivers high end digital anatomy content that can be downloaded and is ready to use.

All of our 3D models start off with the same high quality base mesh. Each model is then optimized for use within various environments:

Animators & Illustrators [Optimized for 3D Rendering]

Engineers & Product Designers   [Optimized for 3D Printing]

Software Developers   [Optimized for real-time 3D Interaction]


We love anatomy. We really do.

When we close our eyes we see a marriage of art and science that inspires people to learn about how their own bodies work.

The study of human Anatomy has existed for thousands of years. The great masters before us dedicated their lives to developing a great knowledge of the human body and now it is our turn to build on this legacy. At Atomedge we believe that communication is most effective through an emotional connection. When we fall in love with the subject matter, it is then that we engage, absorb and learn.


Quality is our top priority.

We offer the medical community anatomy solutions that have been created according to the highest standards of ethics by skilled professionals. By harnessing the latest technology along with traditional values we create products that have been built to reflect integrity and reliability.

Throughout our creative process we continually reflect on the following three challenges:

Is is accurate?

Accuracy is everything – easier said than done. The nature of  the human body is that we are all vary and we continue to evolve differently. The average person has 206 bones in their body, others may have more or less than this. For this reason it’s simply not possible to create the “perfect” anatomical model. The approach we have taken is to begin by referencing real human subject matter and building on that. We have developed a relationship with the University of Cape Town where we have been given access to cadavers that have been specially prepared for our purpose. The remains are digitally scanned and this forms the foundation for our work. We also make use of various other forms of reference material such as MRI scans, and respected medical literature. We then spend thousands of hours meticulously researching, analyzing and refining the data so that it is ready to form part of our anatomy library. The work which is undertaken by experienced digital artists is continually reviewed and scrutinized by medical professionals. The entire process is extensively documented.

Is it beautiful?

There are many anatomy resources available, but few are pleasing to the eye. For us the responsibility we have to create reliable and accurate anatomical resources does not mean that our work should be sterile and dead in it’s appearance. Rather we strive to bring our creations to life. Beauty is power, and powerful visuals have the ability to bring about change. Our goal is to present the world with human anatomy reference materials that are suitable for medical applications but also stylistically superior to what has been available before.

Is it efficient?

The world of digital content is ever evolving. However, even as the platforms for change, efficiency is always vital for success. We balance our love for art with a firmly grounded appreciation for technical limitations. The data we start out with is extremely complex, and while we do our best to retain as much of this detail as possible, we must also optimize our work for it’s final destination. We understand that even as we master accuracy and beauty, these mean nothing if our clients are unable to implement our solutions due to technical inefficiency. We cater for various types of user needs, and each or our products is specifically designed to perform optimally within its appropriate environment. We therefor test all of our products thoroughly before being published. Our range covers the needs of extreme detail for 3D printing, illustration and animation all the way to streamlined low polygon solutions for real time interactive applications.


Atomedge is a company that is made up of creative professionals that have vast experience in the field of 3D graphics and production within a marketing environment.

We work closely with the medical community and collaborate with doctors and educators from tertiary educational institutions. We maintain a traditional hands on approach to our work and enjoy close relationships with our clients and partners. In fact we’d love to hear more about what you’re up to. Why not get in touch – there may be an opportunity for us to get involved in your next project.